Transparent Leadership

May 15th, 2024

2 Corinthians 8:16-24

When it comes to money, maybe we should begin by telling one another what we make.” Stanley Hauerwas has said this, or something like this, on numerous occasions. He knew that money is an idol that can linger in churches. He argued that too many of us place our worth and value on what we make. Many of us don’t want to be exposed to one another. Such transparency would feel worse than being naked.

Paul was willing to be transparent with the Corinthians. Part of Paul’s mission was to raise funds for the poor in Jerusalem. He could not simply wire the funds; someone had to physically carry them. Therefore, Paul and the other leaders “are taking pains to do what is right” (v. 21). They were being transparent about who Titus was—a friend of Paul’s.

Normally that would be good, but the church in Corinth had soured in their relationship with Paul. Paul’s endorsement might actually have hurt Titus. Paul knew that the mission and the success of the church was more important than money and more important than pride. He was transparent even if it took pain to do so.

Author: Ryan Quanstrom


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