Abundance of Hope

March 31st, 2024

Psalm 16:5-11      

There are three important details about God in Psalm 16:11.

God will point out the right path for us if we listen and focus on Him.

When we spend time in God’s presence, we find great joy there.

Pleasure will follow us into eternity.

The Hebrew word in verse 11 translated “pleasures” is a word meaning pleasant places. Where God is, at God’s right hand, is an extended pleasant place! For the ancient Hebrews, inheritance was the land. This image of being with God through eternity is a promised land shared with all believers. These pleasures through the inheritance are similar to the abundant life that Jesus promises believers.

Jesus spoke of the abundant life in John 10:10. This passage continues the abundant life into eternity.

It is an abundance of hope because the resurrection is full of hope! This hope is the heart of the gospel, the good news. The hope of the Old Testament is our hope today, and it is enough.

Author: Christie American Horse

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