You Are What You Eat

March 22nd, 2024

John 6:47-53      

John tells us that Jesus’ teaching about eating His flesh cost Him dearly. Many deserted Jesus after He told them they had to eat His flesh. They did not understand what Jesus meant by His teaching.

Clearly, Jesus does not expect His disciples to be cannibals; instead, Jesus knew that He would institute a sacrament, which He expected His disciples to eat in remembrance of Him. This meal would proclaim His life, death, resurrection, and ascension all at once. It would be the ultimate symbol of God’s hospitality, welcoming all who would to join God at God’s heavenly banquet.

We receive life by accepting our forgiveness enough to let God move us on to sanctification. Eating manna was easy and it didn’t cost much—people still died. Eating the bread from heaven requires us to die to ourselves now so that Christ might live through us.

Turn to Christ for your spiritual sustenance and allow Christ to shape who you are.

Author: Ryan Quanstrom

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