Declarations of War

March 13th, 2024

Romans 14:1-7

It’s such a wonderful thing that God created each and every one of us so differently. Every human being is a fresh new canvas covered in God’s divine fingerprints. So many varying sizes, a full spectrum of skin tones, amazing abilities, charming personalities, interesting ideas, preferred methods, differing opinions, and more.

Sometimes the things that make us unique are the very things that create friction between us. We use our differences as “declarations of war” because they aren’t what we consider “right.” This problem isn’t new; Paul dealt with division among those he shepherded.

Like it or not, most of us have our own measuring devices that we have attempted to use on others around us at one time or another. Our humanistic units of measure don’t align with those of our divine Creator. He’s got His own measuring device—His Holy Word.

When we read God’s Word, we learn more about the standards God has for His creation and how they are to be applied to daily life.

Author: Andrea Talley

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