Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

January 2nd, 2024

Luke 10:30-37

Amongst the thousands of Ukrainians who fled the war in 2022, so too, have many Roma people. When stories of the unfair treatment of Ukrainian Roma at borders reached a village of Bulgarian Roma, they went to work. The village of Bulgarian Roma consolidated all of the mushrooms that they had gathered for their livelihood and donated the entirety toward the efforts of the compassionate ministries along their border. Their donation secured a night of sleep and some food for an exhausted Roma family with six small children.

When Jesus described the emotion that motivated the good Samaritan to act, the word He used is often translated “pity.” What we seem to see in the Samaritan, and also in the Bulgarian Roma community, is an “identifying with,” an emotional response that results in an act of solidarity, an act of compassion.

Take a moment to ask God with whom He wants you to identify today. Then ask Him to show you what an act of solidarity and compassion might look like.

Author: Teanna Sunberg


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