Lord of Heaven and Earth

December 3rd, 2023

Daniel 10:10-17

Daniel had just received grave news of Jerusalem’s future, which propelled him into an intense period of fasting and mourning. After praying in this way for 21 days with no intervention from the divine, is it possible Daniel thought his words were being ignored? Perhaps he recalled a previous time of fasting when an angel came to him mid-prayer with a word from God, and wondered, “Where is God now?” (9:20-23).

Finally, an angel did appear, causing Daniel to faint. Even after he awoke, Daniel remained weak at the knees and without words. The angel then assured him that God had been listening all along by telling a strange story of conflict set in the heavenly realm.

We can take comfort in the angel’s words today: Our humble prayers lifted on earth are heard in the heavens. Our holy God whose presence leaves us speechless and trembling is the same God who is deeply involved in the affairs of our world and knows us each intimately.

Author: Miranda Musick

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