Cultivated Over Time

November 18th, 2023

Romans 8:1-11

Life in the Spirit is not a promise of worldly, or even physical, comfort. However, there is peace of the soul to be found in the deep relationship with the Spirit. This peace helps us to overcome the anxiety brought on by external forces in this world.

We can either be governed by the flesh and fear, or we can humble ourselves and be governed by the Spirit and peace. When we take time to dwell in relationship with the Spirit we find an inner peace that is indescribable. External stress and circumstance may not change, but the peace that floods over us makes those stresses seem insignificant.

A mind that is governed by the Spirit does not happen overnight. It is found in the mundane habits of prayer, fasting, caring for the needy, and gathering in community with other followers of Jesus.

Life and peace is only possible through the Holy Spirit, deliberately cultivated patiently over time.

Author: Cara Shonamon

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