God’s Spirit Empowers Us

November 9th, 2023

Joel 2:25-32

Joel 2 paints a vivid picture of God’s redemption and restoration. In my Bible, before verse 28, sits the title “The Day of the Lord.” It tells about how after restoration, the Lord pours out His Spirit on all His people: young, old, male, female. It’s an important reminder for all of us who follow Christ! We will do well to remember this truth and to edify and encourage others with it.

When I was a teen, I wrote a song. My worship pastor took time to sit down with me to get notes on a page and made it into a “real” song. A few weeks later, he sang it for that Sunday’s special music. An older couple in the crowd took time to write me a note to tell me what a blessing it had been and to encourage me in using my gifts for the Lord. More than 25 years later, I still have that note.

Who can you encourage today with the truth that God has given His Spirit to them? What fruit or gifting will you name in them?

Author: Evan T. Offutt Boesiger


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