It Is Grace

September 22nd, 2023

John 15:1-9

We have become so focused on the unpredictability of our lives that we have forgotten to rejoice in the predictable. God is a God of order, hovering over the waters of the chaos of our lives and speaking that chaos into beautiful and predictable creation.

It is no wonder that the God of order and love would prune a vine with an eye to the potential and predictable fruit. Grape vines yield grapes. It is why they were created.

We were created to live a holy life. We were created to love God. We were created to love one another. Just as the grape vine yields grapes, we are called to yield holiness as well as to live in holiness. This is no great mystery. It just makes sense.

We have been created to bear the fruit of holiness. Remain in Jesus and allow His holiness to flow into you. Remaining connected to Jesus allows the fruit of your labors to yield the predictable outcome of holiness. It is no great mystery. It is grace.   

Author: Laura High


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