Freedom From The Law

July 26th, 2023

Acts 13:36-43

The Israelites were given the law to help them learn boundaries, to live according to the values and commandments of God’s kingdom. However, law has its limitations. Laws can be interpreted and misinterpreted. Laws can sometimes be ambiguous.

By the time of Jesus’ ministry, the laws had become so tedious that they were almost impossible to keep. Worse, the arbiters of those laws were also power brokers and hypocrites. They interpreted the law to their benefit. Jesus didn’t get rid of the law but reinterpreted it according to the law of God’s love. Jesus showed us how to be free from the legalism that ensnares us even today.

When we believe in Jesus for salvation, our hearts are moved to be obedient not because of the law, but out of gratitude for God’s work in our lives. Jesus doesn’t want followers who follow “laws” or church mandates. Rather, He wants us to follow Him with hearts cleansed by the Spirit.

Author: Carol Rittenhouse

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