What Is Our Hope?

June 16th, 2023

1 Thessalonians 2:13-20

What is it we hope for? Hope is that longing we lean toward, waiting in anticipation of a future-oriented event. People hope for such things like a new job, a raise, a new home, or life circumstances to change.

It is difficult to be content, and many of us hope that something better is awaiting us. Western culture teaches us to strive for more, seek more education, climb the ladder of success, work more hours. In the end, more does not satisfy the soul. It is the presence of the Lord that satisfies the aching soul.

Heaven is our hope. Yet that does not mean that we do not seek to grow in our capacity to love others as Christ does in the here and now. This kind of love encapsulates all relationships and is demonstrated by how we treat humankind and creation. We love with the hope that lives are touched through our Christian witness.

God cares about our hopes. In our spiritual journey, what is it we hope for?

Author: Ben Hayden


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