Whom Do You Serve?

June 14th, 2023

Matthew 6:19-24

During challenging times, many families run to the grocery store to “store up” food. The fear is that I won’t have enough when I need it. Many items end up in the basement, only to expire before they can be used. Matthew reminds us that we can’t store up treasures on earth, only treasures in heaven. How are you investing now toward treasures in heaven?

To invest in treasures in heaven involves people. How are you investing in people? Our time, talents, and treasure should help equip those who are in our sphere of influence to love God and people more fully. To know how much one loves God, observe how they treat people.

To have financial gain is not a sin, but allowing our net worth to control us is a slippery slope. The Christian walk is a life of giving. At times, it is easier to write a check instead of being involved in a project or volunteering to serve with those who are in need.

May we pause to reflect on our intentions of how we are stewards of the resources God has given.

Author: Ben Hayden


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