Living in the Fullness of the Spirit

May 21st, 2023

1 John 5:1-9

The blessed assurance we find in Jesus Christ is knowing Him as Savior and Lord. The One who conquered sin and death is the same One whose Spirit lives within each of us as we accept Him into our lives. There is no greater truth than Jesus. 

Living into the fullness of the Spirit is to lay down our lives before the God of the universe and say, “I surrender all.” We willingly give up our right to try to control our own lives and allow God to be our guide. It is accepting the grace of forgiveness, the mercy of redemption, and the love of His promise to always be with us. 

As these past few reflections have shown us, there is righteous power and love in the name of the Lord. That power and love belong to Him, and yet He entrusts them to us as we live daily in His presence, for our good and His glory.

May we daily lay down our rights for the kingdom of God. For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever.  Amen.

Author: Edie MacPherson


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