Hurtful Hoarding

May 8th, 2023

James 5:1-6

In 1947, following an anonymous tip, the New York City police went to a local home, but apparently there was no one there. Due to increased concern the authorities finally broke in through a window. Once inside they discovered that the house was replete with ceiling-high stacks of accumulated items. However, there was no sign of the homeowners, Homer and Langley Collyer. Finally, after the massive piles of books, newspapers, musical instruments, and other items were removed they found the brothers—dead underneath their accumulations. The Collyer brothers died in an aged New York townhouse, surrounded and crushed by 140 tons of their junk collections.

We would probably call the Collyer Brothers “hoarders”. Too often in our spiritual lives we “hoard” the intangible—like doubts or worries— instead of trusting in God.

How futile! To rely on the inanimate cold rigidity of things or debilitating attitudes when the eternal living and loving Christ is standing by waiting for us to turn to Him!

Author: Anne Adams

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