Well Known

May 4th, 2023

1 Peter 4:1-11

I came to a realization recently. My God doesn’t just know me, He knows me very well. He not only knows my favorite this and that, but He knows my preferences, how I feel about change, and what makes me anxious. I believe that God takes these things into consideration when He asks us to take that next leap of faith.

Now, I don’t believe that means that God will never stretch us and encourage us step outside our comfort zone at times. I just really feel He considers all the details, every consequence of our obedience. For me, serving in a country church is made easier by still being able to commute to the city to work the job I love. God knew I needed that. God knows what you need, too. He just doesn’t equip us to do the job He has called us to do, but He helps us to be at ease while we do it.

There’s joy in the journey, even when travel is difficult. Look for the little things that God does because He knows you need it. Perhaps you can come to realization that your God really knows you as well!

Author: Andrea Talley


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