Lord Willing

May 3rd, 2023

James 4:13-17

There’s conflict in the world at any given time. Sometimes, it might be something small and in your own backyard. Those things usually resolve themselves quickly, the audience is meager, and life goes on as planned. However, sometimes it’s something big and on the world’s main stage for all to see. Those things tend to take longer to resolve, the audience is vast, and life does not go on as planned.

History tells tale after tale of one conflict after another. There is one thing that every participant in every conflict had and will continue to have in common: those individuals had plans for their future. All of a sudden, concrete plans with specific dates and times were shattered because of absent friends, lost income, or devastated communities.

The good news is that this world is not our home! The best made plans for a Christ-follower include eyes fixed on the Father and eternal residence in the place He’s set aside for us. Until then, we continue making play dates, reservations, and appointments, Lord willing.

Author: Andrea Talley


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