Freedom In Christ

April 27th, 2023

Galatians 1:6-13

Paul’s transformative encounter with God on the road to Damascus set the trajectory for the remainder of his life. Self-regarded as a once proud man of the religious elite, Paul now knew who he was in light of the redemptive grace of God’s love through Jesus Christ. There was nothing that would alter his life’s purpose to proclaim the gospel—the Good News—of Jesus Christ to the world.

Paul no longer desired the approval of people. He knew the greatest truth in all the world, and his heart and mind were set on Jesus Christ alone. Paul’s life challenges me to ask myself a couple of questions. Am I living into the reality and fullness of God’s grace in my life? Do I care what others think of me, or am I committed solely to Christ and making Him known to the world?” 

Paul’s freedom was found not only in receiving the new life he found in Christ, but in living fully and authentically into the person Christ had called him to be, for the sake of God’s kingdom alone. That is the freedom Jesus desires for you and me.

Author: Edie MacPherson

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