Good News for the Future

February 25th, 2023

Matthew 24:42-51

The Gospel of Jesus is good news. If that is true, why do we so often hear about His return in attempts to scare people? Shouldn’t we be living in joyful expectation of God’s kingdom coming in its fullness?

In a parable in Matthew 24, Jesus compares His followers with servants who were entrusted with authority so that they could make sure the other servants were fed and cared for while their master was away. When the master returns and that job is done well, the faithful servants will be rewarded. But, Jesus says, if those servants abuse their fellow servants and let the power go to their heads, their reunion with their master will not be a happy one. 

Matthew 24 is good news to Jesus’ followers, and it should serve to make our presence in the world good news to everyone. Jesus is reminding us that He has called and empowered us to serve the world He loves. This parable is good news, and the good news is that God’s people can live in loving service without fear of the future.

Author: Steven Malcolm


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