God’s Good Grace

February 18th, 2023

Psalm 51:13-19

In Psalm 51, David repents of his sin. He acknowledges the things he has done wrong. David describes how he intends to live differently in light of God’s forgiveness. 

Sometimes, we fall into the trap of thinking grace is cheap, but it is not. Grace is paid for with the blood of Jesus, and gives us the chance to live lives that show the world the goodness of God’s grace. When we sin publicly but whisper our confessions, when we apologize but don’t change our lives, we are not showing the repentance David is modeling. 

True repentance means turning from our sin, and living a new way. Truly repentant people try to live in ways that better the lives of those they have harmed. They live in ways that show those trapped in the same sins that God offers a new way of life. The sacrifice God wants from us is a contrite heart that shows His world that grace is real and a different way of life is possible.

Author: Steven Malcolm

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