When Evil Comes

January 31st, 2023

1 Samuel 24:11-22

It must be a difficult situation for David. He knows (as does Saul) that he is to be the next king, but he is instead fleeing for his life from king Saul. Although he can bring an end to the evil thrust upon him by killing Saul, he is pained by conscience to do no harm to Saul, God’s anointed king. Friends urge David to execute justice by his own hand, and who would blame him for stopping the evil being done.

Like David, we live with God’s promises, but our confrontations with evil and danger can be overwhelming. It is tempting to take control of our situation and to resolve all our problems. It can even tempt us to do what we know to be wrong to bring about the way we think things should be!

David gives us guidance here. It is better to leave things in God’s hands to resolve, than to overstep our role in God’s plan for us. When it is unclear how to work things out and be righteous, learn the humility of leaving it all for God to work justice in God’s own time.

Author: Ron Dalton

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