Decluttering Our Spiritual Lives

December 22nd, 2022

James 1:19-27

Recently, I’ve been making a great effort to downsize. Over the years, I’ve acquired many items I once found invaluable but which now have been relegated to the backs of cupboards and closets. So I’ve begun the hard work of getting rid of items I no longer want or use.

Decluttering our possessions can be a painful and grueling process. However, I know that letting go of these things will simplify my life and give me time for things that are important.

Getting rid of the clutter in our spiritual lives is not unlike decluttering our homes—although, with much more serious implications. The clutter James refers to in this passage is the kind that doesn’t belong in a believer’s life: “moral filth” and “evil” (v. 21). As believers, we cannot continue to hold onto the sinful practices and attitudes we accepted without question before we knew Christ—it is essential to “declutter” our spirits in order for the “word” to be “planted” in us (v. 21). Only then can we move forward as children of God, ready to do His work in this world.

Author: Judi King


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