Reality Is Only In Christ

December 13th, 2022

Colossians 2:13-23

Kings are born in palaces, not stables. Kings’ births are witnessed by officials, not animals. They enter into their time of service with a coronation, not a river baptism. Kings sit on thrones; they do not walk dirt roads or sit with the homeless.  They are surrounded by servants; they do not wash feet. They are honored in death, not crucified. Yet, Jesus Christ, our King, our Savior, and our Friend entered the world in a stable with animals. He was baptized in the river. He walked among the poor and the sinners. He healed the sick and washed the feet of others. 

Our reality is only in Christ and boundaries are created only by Him. Let us not be distracted by the ways of the world, and judging others. Instead, let us keep our hearts and minds keenly focused on our relationship with God, listening closely to the Holy Spirit and walking obediently with Him wherever He leads us.

Author: Courtney Coombs

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