Flip The Script

December 7th, 2022

Ephesians 1:15-23

There is a seductive intoxication with words like power, rule, reign, and authority. We imagine heads of state, thrones, executive orders, military might, bold, brash leaders who wield their positions with fierce resolve and a heavy hand. The greater the intoxication the more we either jockey for power or we interpret all “rule” through the conjured images.

But then Jesus . . .

If we aren’t careful, we will filter the language of Scripture through the wrong images. Jesus doesn’t satisfy or exemplify our preconceived assumptions of power. Jesus reigns, not with a scepter and sword but with water and basin. Jesus has power, not to dictate or determine the actions of others but to love so fiercely that the whole of creation is brought under His influence.

Jesus flips the script.

Jesus is “head over” the church and all “rulers and thrones.” His position looks less like a head of state and more like a humble servant.

Author: Jeff Stark

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