Beware of Compromise

November 21st, 2022

Judges 16:1-9

One of the most powerful forces of nature is an avalanche. All it takes is a weaker layer of snow in the correct place and the whole side of the mountain falls. 

In chapters of Judges, Samson is shown as God’s judge, one who is set aside to help with God’s mission of saving Israel from the Philistines. Yet Samson keeps compromising that calling, eventually leading to his downfall.

Samson marches into the middle of his enemy’s city, sleeps with a prostitute, manages to escape, and on the way out steals their city gate. Then he falls in love with Delilah, a Philistine. This woman leads to his downfall.

Compromise is a slippery slope. Like an avalanche, compromise starts out small and before we know it those small compromises start to add up to big ones leaving us in a big mess. Our day-to-day choices matter. They are the choices that define who we are as a person and build our character. May we choose to not compromise on the small things so that we can make wise choices on the big decisions.

Author: Stephanie Malcolm

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