The Bestowal of Peace

November 4th, 2022

John 14:22-31

As Jesus says farewell to His disciples, He’s fully aware of the challenges they will face as they continue without Him. So Jesus takes the opportunity here, before His arrest, death, and ascension, to remind them of the resources available to them as they proceed.

As His body on earth, they are to continue Jesus’ work: ministering to the world’s most broken people, entering places where evil threatens, announcing good news in the midst of harsh opposition. It will not be easy. But Jesus’ seeming absence is not an abandonment, for His gifts go with them. There is the gift of the Holy Spirit and the gift of Jesus’ permeating peace.

The gift of peace is unlike the world’s peace. The peace Jesus gives is God’s gift of the enduring presence of the unseen Jesus, the gift of enough of what they need to help them along the path of obedient faithfulness whatever trials they face. How might that Jesus peace go with you in the days to come?

Author: Christa Klosterman

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