You Are God’s Answer

November 1st, 2022

Judges 6:13-22

Hesitant Gideon hears the Lord’s call and balks at being God’s choice. Being from the weakest clan and the least of the family, he is obviously disqualified. Someone with better resources and competence should be chosen. Gideon also protests the promise that God is currently nearby.

Doubtful of himself, Gideon is also curiously confident that what he sees is all that exists and that God can only act how Gideon expects. But Gideon is God’s answer to change the current status quo and bring deliverance. Unlikely Gideon is meant to become an active part in God’s plan.

Gideon’s inadequacy and weakness strangely qualifies him for this mission that requires trusting more in God’s presence and strength than oneself. God works with doubtful Gideon, even giving him a sign that God really is present, but God doesn’t withdraw the call for Gideon to go and get involved in the world God wants to redeem.

Author: Christa Klosterman

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