Lunar Atrocities

October 14th, 2022

Romans 5:1-11

“Momma, why do people think the moon is made of cheese?” Andrea tried to explain to her daughter that because of the moon’s craters, some thought it resembled a wheel of cheese. This must have disturbed her because she promptly apologized to God that there were some who thought His creation was made of a popular dairy product. To her, this was an atrocity that needed reconciled.

I doubt God is worried about mankind’s perception of the moon.  However, He is greatly concerned about the atrocity of sin. So concerned in fact, that He sent His only Son to die on the cross so that you, me, everyone could be brought back into a right relationship with our Creator. Today’s text is all about the peace and hope that is ours when we say “yes” to freedom in Christ. We should “boast in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have now received reconciliation” (v. 11).

When was the last time you boasted about your God? Have you bragged about the eternal hope that is yours? Our God is worth bragging about. Who do you know that needs to hear about His goodness?

Author: Andrea Talley


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