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October 12th, 2022

Exodus 40:17-25

Everyone has their own ideas about what the inside of a church should look like. I think every church should have a Christ candle and I think it’s important that it’s lit every Sunday. When the white pillar that represents our Savior needed replacing, I opted for an LED over a traditional candle. Our version of the candle may get switched on instead of ignited, but it’s there and illuminated on a weekly basis. 

Every church is arranged and decorated differently according to the tradition it represents and the preferences of the people. Regardless, the purpose of the building remains the same: it was built for enhancing the kingdom of God.

God told Moses to build a specific version of the Israelites’ house of worship. I doubt that Moses tried to play interior decorator after all that he and God had been through together. Moses simply did as God commanded.

I don’t think God has a specific plan for the modern church building but for the modern Church. The purpose of the body of believers known as the Church remains the same though. We are built for enhancing the kingdom of God by loving each other as Christ has loved us. 

Author: Andrea Talley

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