God Desires Our Faithfulness

October 5th, 2022

Exodus 20:18-26

Are you a fair weather fan? This is the type of fan who cheers for a team when they are winning. However, when things don’t go so well and the team starts losing, his/her loyalty switches to another team who is doing better. People can be fickle. That is, they can be loyal one minute and disloyal a minute later.

God had given Moses the Ten Commandments. When the people saw “the thunder and lightning and heard the trumpet and saw the mountain in smoke” they became afraid . . . of God. However, Moses told the people not to fear for their lives, but to have a holy reverence for God because He was with them and this close relationship would keep them from sinning. God then instructed Moses to tell the people that in light of what they saw—knowing that He is God—they were to worship Him only.

Many follow God at a distance or follow Him only when things are going well. God does not want fair weather followers. God is with us and He calls us to draw near to Him and worship Him only.

Today, may we discover God’s real presence in our lives.

Author: Mike Wonch

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