Overcoming Familiarity

October 2nd, 2022

John 6:30-40

There’s an adage stating that familiarity breeds contempt. That adage is part of what Jesus must overcome in John 6:41-51. He’s talking to people who know who He is, and so they take umbrage at the lofty words He uses to refer to himself.

Depending on your context, you may be dealing with that same contempt with the people you interact with on a regular basis. If they have a vague notion of what’s behind Christmas and Easter, they probably have a similarly vague notion of what the gospel message entails.

What’s frightening is that familiarity might keep people from experiencing the eternal life Jesus offers to us. Jesus says it’s belief in Him that leads to eternal life and that goes far beyond familiarity. We have to know Him. The knowledge that leads to eternal life is knowledge like you have of a spouse. Sure, you can state facts about them, but you also know them so well you can read their moods and body language.

Spend time with Jesus and learn how He provides eternal life.

Author: Joe Foltz

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