Past In The Present

September 14th, 2022

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Exodus 5:10-23

To remember is to bring the past into the present. In Exodus 6, God declares to Moses what God will do because God remembered His covenant. It is not that God has been forgetful for 400 years and suddenly recalled the promises made to Abraham and his descendants, like an absent-minded but lovable grandfather. Rather, God has declared it is time to bring the past into the present. It is the moment for the fulfillment of the word of God to Abraham centuries prior.

Moses brings this word of hope and assurance to the Israelites but they cannot hear the promises because the sounds of despair, exhaustion, and hopelessness are too loud. God is not deterred by their seemingly non-existent faith, but reiterates the promise to redeem them.

When we find ourselves mired in doubt and fear, God hears the groaning of our hearts and acts because of His mighty hand.

Author: Stephanie Lobdell

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3 Responses to “Past In The Present”

  1. Grumps Says:

    September 14th, 2022 at 4:57 am

    Incorrect scripture. It should be Exodus 6:1-13.

  2. Marcela luna Says:

    September 14th, 2022 at 8:39 am

    Amen. To him who inscribed us on the palm of His hands, Isaiah 49:16, let us approach his throne of grace with boldness knowing that we have a Priest in Heaven who sympathizes with our weaknesses, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need when we are mired in doubt and fear. Hebrew 4:15-16

  3. Marcela Luna Says:

    September 14th, 2022 at 8:40 am

    Hebrews 14:15-16

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