God’s Unlikely Plan

August 31st, 2022

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Exodus 2:1-10

Moses’ mother hears the decree that all male Hebrew babies must be thrown into the Nile; she technically follows it. She fashions him a basket, the same Hebrew word for ark. Then, she places the baby in the ark and sets it in the waters hoping that the God who brought order to the chaotic waters at creation and during the flood would somehow save her child from the chaotic waters of the Nile.

God not only saves the baby, but eventually the people of God. This is done through the most unlikely person, the daughter of Pharaoh. She sees the baby and has compassion on him. She decides to take him in as her own.

There are times in life where it feels like the chaotic waters surround us; we can see no way out. Like Moses’ mother, we remember the God who calms the chaos. We cling to those stories trusting that the God who calmed the chaos in those stories will calm the chaos in our life. We trust that God will provide a way forward often through the least likely people.

Author: Stephanie Malcolm

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One Response to “God’s Unlikely Plan”

  1. Marcela Luna Says:

    August 31st, 2022 at 10:15 am

    Amen! In the same way that Jesus calmed the winds and the waves in Matthew 8, the same God through his Holy Spirit dwelling in us will calm the chaos!
    “In the multitude of my anxieties, your comfort delights my soul.” Psalm 94:19 Believe it and declare it in Jesus’s name!

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