Blessings Above, Blessings Below

August 13th, 2022

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Ephesians 1:1-10

Blessed” used to be mostly a church word. Today it used in a variety of contexts meaning “fortunate or pleasing circumstances.” Few seem to give thought to where, or from whom, those blessings might come.

In his letter to the Ephesians Paul refers to “spiritual blessings” God has bestowed on us in Christ. He uses a term I find hard to get my head around: blessings “in the heavenly realms.” In my mind realms are places, but they can be defined as meaning “the domain or field of someone.” These blessings are now “in Christ” who has joined the Father in heaven. We have the promise of being with Him one day. That is a great blessing, but even now we have the privilege of being God’s children. When we believe in Jesus as our Savior God acts to bring us into His realm, the realm of His blessings.

There is more! This lavish grace of God continues to be poured out on us. Yes, we are blessed, even in the midst of difficulties, sorrow, and pain. We can praise by bringing to mind our many blessings.

Author: Nora Brush


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