Relationship Not Robes

August 9th, 2022

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Psalm 96:8-13

“We don’t have anything to wear to church,” my friend remarked at my invitation to worship. “Listen, we are not fancy, what you have on is fine.” He looked at his T-shirt and jeans, “We’ll try, I guess.” His weak reply didn’t give me much hope, but that Sunday they were at the service, and many Sundays after. The issue of attire never came up again.

How would you finish the sentence, “Worship the Lord in . . .”? In what? Nice clothes? A fine building? Whatever you put in the place of “the splendor of his holiness” is wrong. There is nothing wrong with those things in themselves, they are simply not the right foundation for worship.

What does that mean? Notice it is “his holiness” we are talking about. God is holy. God alone is without sin, always has been—always will be. Because God is holy, God is worthy of our worship. When we truly enter and participate in worship, we are surrounded by and transformed by God’s holiness. One simply cannot sincerely worship our holy God and not be changed. The life of holiness is a life of worship.

Author: Duane Brush

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