Obedience to Christ

August 4th, 2022

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Acts 8:26-38

The Ethiopian official’s conversion recorded in scripture is one many are familiar with. The story is part of the early days of the church as the apostles began to seriously implement Jesus’ command to take the gospel to Jerusalem, Samaria and Judea, and the ends of the earth.

The official was reading one of the servant passages in Isaiah (53:1-2). Physically it was impossible for him to fully embrace Judaism and circumcision, but he did understand baptism as a part of conversion open to all who believe. Baptism is a visual symbol of our forgiven sin, our intent to follow Jesus, and  our desire to live by the standards of His Word.

Like the official, Phillip acted in obedience to God’s instruction even though they probably seemed absurd. No one traveled during the noonday heat, but Phillip obeyed. It is a reminder of our own obedience to God’s promptings and instructions even when we do not understand, cannot predict the outcome, or see the reason why. In obedience we give action to our commitment to Christ.

Author: Cheri Pommel

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