Mentor and Model

July 28th, 2022

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Philippians 2:1-8

Jesus could have said, “I deserve more. I am the Father’s Son. I sit at His right hand. I am privileged.” But He did not. Instead, out of obedience to His Father, Jesus gave it all up. He humbled himself and carried the cross on which He died for the sin of all. He came as a servant—putting others above himself. Jesus modeled a selfless life as an example for His followers. As a mentor, He taught what it means to have the “mind of Christ.”

Jesus taught us to live in unity, to lay aside discord, selfish ambition, pride, and personal prestige. The following steps lead to living the mindset of Christ. Adopt Christ’s attitude. Be willing to act selflessly and without pride. Commit to radical obedience. Develop an attitude of unity. Esteem others above yourself.

As the mindset of Christ becomes an everyday practice, the result will be Christlikeness.

Author: Lynda Boardman


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