No Compromise—No Return

July 13th, 2022

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Hebrews 10:32-39

In the face of the horrible first century persecution in the Roman Empire, the temptation for Jewish Christians was to retreat back to the safety of the Jewish community. But there, in safety from persecution, the gospel of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection was rejected. The temptation was great, but so was the compromise.

The warning of previous verses continues—rejection and compromise mean condemnation. We find encouragement in verses 38-39 of Hebrews 10, “This is not true of you.” The Christian believers were not rejecting the gospel or compromising their faith.

Today the temptation is always present to return to our former life, buying into the thinking and attitudes of society, to abandon or compromise one’s faith in Christ.

Many then and now receive the truth of Christ and experience the Holy Spirit, but return to their old life. Multiple times in Paul’s letters he encourages believers to get rid of the old life, to die to it, and to put on the new life of Christ.

Author: Cheri Kommel


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