Approaching God

July 11th, 2022

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Hebrews 10:19-25

The writer of Hebrews has shown Christ to be better than Moses, angels, prophets, and sacrifices. Now he encourages believers to draw near to God and to hold fast to their faith in Christ (10:19). Because of the blood of Jesus as the final sacrifice, we can come confidently into His presence with clean hearts and minds.

We are to hold fast to our hope. What is our hope? Our hope is the assurance of the faithfulness of God who has promised our salvation and the return of Christ.

A child comes to a parent even when they have done something wrong because they are confident of the parent’s love. The writer uses the same analogy of the believer coming near to God because of God’s faithfulness and love.

As we draw near to God, the Body of Christ is to encourage one another toward love and good actions. Our hope is not merely for ourselves, but for the community of which we are a part, Christ’s kingdom. Hold unswervingly to hope and faith for yourself and your faith community.

Author: Cheri Kommel

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