Be Prepared With Your Story

July 2nd, 2022

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2 Peter 3:11-18

We are told over and over in scripture that suffering is coming. Suffering is not an outcome of having lived wrong, but a condition of this fallen world. Peter reminds us suffering is coming and that our role is to remain steady in our Christlikeness when it comes.

Peter also charges us to be ready to tell why we have hope. If we remain calm and hopeful in life’s worst moments, people will want to know why. This is the moment for us to evangelize with hearers most ready! The best advice I have ever received is to have two testimonies prepared to tell. First, your paragraph testimony or one minute testimony. Don’t drone on; practice it. Make it engaging enough that they may yearn for more.

Then have your story—our sit down follow-up. Know these stories. Rehearse them. Seize your moments to tell them. If Christ is seen through us in our hard moments, people will ask why. We must be prepared to tell them in a compelling manner!

Author: Timothy Brooks


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