A Superior Priest

June 20th, 2022

RG AUDIO 062022


Hebrews 4:14—5:4

Aaron, the earthly high priest, and Jesus, the Great High Priest, share similarities. Both were chosen by God to intercede. Jesus can sympathize with us, because He was tempted in all ways like us, but without sin. He is the mediator and bridge.

As a child, the illustration of the gap between two cliffs—the one represented sinful man and the other, a Holy God—left an unforgettable image. Jesus on the cross rising up between the cliffs to close the gap represented the supreme sacrifice.

That supreme sacrifice now resides in heaven making intercession for us. In these troubled days, there is no reason to lose faith or trust in this superior Priest. The scriptures command us to come boldly: bravely, courageously, and fearlessly in prayer. We can find forgiveness of sins, power to overcome temptation, and strength in the face of discouragement. Have you prayed boldly today?

Author: Lynda Boardman


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