Being Honest About the Part God has Created Us to Be

June 4th, 2022

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1 Corinthians 12:12-20

Which part of the body are you? I suspect that healthy discipleship involves a radical honesty to this question. We all are called to play our part, but if God has formed you and called you to be a foot, it is not wise to keep trying to become a hand because you think it is a more exciting job. If you are a mouth, it is not wise to try to become an ear because that job seems to get people in less trouble.

All of us can have bouts with jealousy or impostor syndrome. We also tend to read this text as a celebration of those who seem to contribute less, and make sure they feel included, because we are in this together (NOTE: that is a good reading of this text!). However, it is also important to spend time in prayer, with a trusted mentor, searching the scriptures for inspiration, to discern the God-given role you are to play. If God has formed you to play a part, and you are not risking playing it because it seems too hard, too beneath you, too complicated, or too awful, it is possible no one is playing that part!

Be the best part of the body God has made you to be!

Author: Timothy Brooks

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