Life of Worship

May 19th, 2022

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Romans 12:1-8

We often think of worship as a dedicated time and place, usually pertaining to music. Romans 12 tells us that our bodies and lives are an act of worship to God. The text goes on to detail how all of us have been given different gifts. We are to use those gifts in humility and love. It would be safe to say that this is an example of how we worship with our everyday lives. Using the gifts we have been given, whatever they may be, in humility and love, is an act of worship to God.

There is something beautiful to this image, because we don’t need to be in a particular place, or time, with a piano to worship God. We only need to be living life in the beautiful ways God is leading us. If our gift is teaching, and we are teaching out of love, God is being worshiped. If our gift is service, and we are serving others out of love, God is being worshiped. Whatever gifts we may have, when surrendered to the Lord, God is worshiped.

In what ways do you worship God with your ordinary, everyday life?

Author: Robbie Cansler


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