Conversion Story

May 17th, 2022

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Acts 26:12-18

Paul’s conversion story is spectacular. A bright light, a voice from heaven, and a complete transformation on the road. It’s the type of conversion that might leave some of us wondering if our conversion is all that special.

I have always loved Jesus, as long as I can remember. There are no Damascus road stories in my testimony, yet there is an important similarity to Paul’s conversion; the amazing work and call of God.

The truth is, every story of following after Jesus is a miraculous story, because the work and call of God are always amazing. Our story is great, not because we are great or because of the events surrounding the story, but because God is great.

God is still calling people to follow. God is still calling people to preach good news. God is still transforming lives. Every time people respond to that call, whether it’s on a road to Damascus or in a young child’s prayer, it is amazing.

Author: Robbie Cansler

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