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May 12th, 2022

RG Audio 051222


Acts 21:1-9

Not long ago, our church graciously gave us a six-week sabbatical. We used the first week to fly to Florida and meet our son and his family at Disney World. We flew back to Indianapolis, regrouped, and headed out again, this time on the road. We visited family in Oklahoma, saw the Grand Canyon for the first time, and drove down the strip of Las Vegas to see the lights.

Sandie had found some hotels along the way, but they were not our goal. We had planned on a few sights, but they were not our destination. Our finish line was La Habra, California, home of our son, his wife, and our grandkids.

After three weeks on the west coast, we headed back a different route. We stopped in St. George, Utah, then on to Denver to go to church with dear friends. We dodged tornadoes in Kansas. Our goal this time was to get to New Castle, Indiana, our home—and to Lilly Belle, our Golden Retriever who was patiently waiting for us.

What is your goal, your finish line, your destination? I hope it is to tell people along the way about Jesus.

Author: Danny Goddard


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