Discipleship Training

May 2nd, 2022

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Acts 19:1-10

Paul invested two years of his life discipling believers in Ephesus. In its infancy, the Church was called “the Way,” and church planting was just getting started at Ephesus.

Acts 19 describes the Holy Spirit descending upon disciples who had only received the baptism of John. As Paul was praying for the disciples, the Holy Spirit suddenly moved upon them in a profound way. The manifestations of the Spirit were similar to what happened to the Church on the Day of Pentecost. All this took place at a time when the Church was changing rapidly. More and more people came to trust Christ and sought out the teaching of Paul. Once someone encountered Christ by faith, Paul made discipleship a priority.
We can minister that way, too! Discipleship is investing our lives in others in order that the powerful expressions of the Holy Spirit may establish a new and exciting way for someone.

Take time to share your faith with a person with whom you are building a relationship. Once they receive the truth, make an investment of your time and disciple them.

Author: Mike Stipp


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