Do Not Be Afraid

April 26th, 2022

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Acts 18:9-17

The place of judgement where Paul was placed on trial is still in Corinth. There is a post of stone where Paul would have been chained, as those who placed him on trial would have looked down to find fault with him. It’s a sobering location, and it would make sense for Paul to be afraid. Who wouldn’t in that situation? Yet, God tells him not to be afraid, and to continue to preach the gospel throughout the city of Corinth.

The dispelling of fear, and the courage to continue to share with others, wasn’t because the circumstances had changed for Paul—there was still hardship even if he wasn’t going to be killed. He was still placed on trial, and a united attack was forged against him. However, Paul could move forward in brave confidence because God promised to be with him, and God is faithful.

We can face uncertainty, we can face difficulty, not because of a promise that everything will be okay in that moment, but because we can trust that even if they are not, God is with us.

Author: Robbie Cansler


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