What A Day!

April 21st, 2022

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Acts 16:33-40

Would you believe it if I told you that a local prison guard invited two prisoners to his home? Not only did the jailer in Acts 18 invite prisoners into his home, he fed them and washed their wounds as well. Do you think the prison guard’s family wanted to bring these prisoners into their home? They must have been convinced by the joy that the prison guard’s new belief had given him.

Leave it to God to change Paul and Silas’ situation from being “prisoner” to “honored house guest.” To top it off, the police came the next day and told Paul and Silas they were free to go.

In a twenty-four-hour period, they went from free men, to prisoners, to fugitives, to honored house guests, and finally returned to their status as free men. That would be cause enough for them to be full of joy, but do you ever wonder why Paul and Silas did not take their freedom and get out of town as fast as they could? It was against the law to beat Roman citizens without trial. Therefore, Paul registered his grievances and insisted they escort them out of town so they could leave without shame and full of joy.

Author: Dana Porter


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