Prepared and Purposed

April 12th, 2022

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Psalm 116:7-12

You may recall a moment where you were in desperate need and God showed up! However, we are not just pulled out of our troubles to sit in the resulting brokenness. We are not rescued to stay surrounded in the shadow of death, but to walk, head held high, in the land of the living.

The psalmist declares how God prepares us for what He purposed us to do. God delivers our eyes from tears. He soothes the ache and He gives us vision! God delivers our feet from stumbling. He trains our very beings to go forward confidently. He places us in the land of the living. We are surrounded by others who testify to His glory!

Finally, the best equipping God does is that we “walk before the Lord.” This is not so we may prove ourselves to Him. This is His divine protection. We are under His watchful and caring eye.

God delivers us with a plan and a purpose, and He is the one who provides the protection and provision to see us carry it out.

Author: Sarah Kinzer

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