Engage The Culture

March 6th, 2022



John 4:7-15

The woman at the well represents every man and every woman who struggle with relationships. Jesus did not condemn her for poor choices in life, He offered grace. Instead of receiving a message of condemnation, she meets a Savior who provides a pathway for a new identity. The woman is battling a never-ending thirst that is defeating her. She is invited to exchange that thirst for an inner spring of living water.

If Jesus was our coach, imagine how He would teach us to engage our culture. Now more than ever, the Lord needs spirit-filled people to offer His living water to those who are struggling with relationships. Jesus taught that we must engage and interact with culture using a balance of grace and truth.

The church is not out to condemn sinners, criticize politicians, or slander the addicted. Many people struggle with relationships including the poor and those who live selfishly. The church is here to engage a thirsty world that is desperately seeking living water. One encounter with the Lord and they will never be thirsty again!

Author: Mike Stipp

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