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February 21st, 2022

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Matthew 25:1-13

Our fourth grade teacher announced, “Open your books to chapter 12 and begin reading. I have to step out for a few minutes. I will leave the door open. If I hear anything there will be consequences!”

Thirty 9 and 10-year-olds opened our English books. A few turned their heads and whispered to a neighbor. The murmur gradually grew louder. Will slipped out of his seat and peeked out the door. Mary, the “teacher’s pet,” rebuked us, “You are all going to get in trouble. Be quiet!” Several booed her bossy tone. “She’s coming!” Will shouted, diving for his seat.

The teacher quickly entered, “Children, close your books. Take out a piece of paper. Write on the top your name and date. Below write the title of chapter twelve. When you are done bring your papers to me.” Several students stared blankly. Some shrugged their shoulders. A few quickly scribbled an answer. Only a handful got the answer right.

“Watch,” Jesus commands His disciples. Whether five foolishly unprepared virgins, or a generation of complacent disciples, the Master’s return will always be too soon for the unprepared.

Author: Loyda Ruiz


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